The Laying Race Horses Strategy – Are There Any Downsides?


If you’re reading this then chances are do you understand what the placing horses plan entails, however in case you do not I will quickly go on it for you. When you lay a horse you are saying it will not win the race, if it wins you’ll lose if one of the additional horses wins you will win simple as possible!

This means in a 12 horse race that you have 11 horses racing for you and only 1 horseracing . Thus the odds are WITH you  domino99 rather than AGAINST you whenever you put a horse.

The one issue with laying horses is with the manner that they are selected. A whole lot of newcomer punters will put the outsider in most single race since they’ve very little chance of winning. The issue with this specific setting system would be that once an outsider does come you are place to just take a big bang to your bankroll. Just take a typical instance of laying off 50/1 outsiders for #10, simply the sole outside winner arriving from along with your bank roll will take a hit for #500, perhaps not easy to just shrug off is it!

The actual trick to earning money through placing horses is always to layoff the favourite. Yes I understand I hear you saying however, the preferred is going to win more often that not. This is the reason you do not make stakes on every race, in one day that you need to be putting just a couple of favourites that you think are under priced and are therefore very good price.

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